the stripping process

began work today on cleaning up the odd old finish on the RAVENSCROFT furniture, just a lot of denatured alcohol and some steel wool did the job, and a little elbow grease, thankfully I had Harley to lend some of that too, more than half way done, see the differance in some of the before and after areas.

fabric choice

I have decided on the fabric to recover the RAVENSCROFT furniture. I did some research and found the style best suits the Rococo revivial period that ran approx. 1850-1870.The fabrics were traditionally anything from satin brocades to velvets, in solids, florals and even stripes. I originally planned on what we often think of as the traditional red or gold velvet, but when I found this fabric that everyone feels looks very vintage and the price was soooo right, I couldn’t pass it up!