2019 Youth Theatre: Kamp KAOS

Confusion and fun are the business of the day at Kamp KAOS, a summer camp that boasts its own 12-watt radio station. It’s opening day at the camp and director Wally Schneider is already in trouble: the mortgage is due, the world’s wealthiest woman wants to buy the camp, the county health inspector is coming, and the mysterious weather phenomenon El Gordo has brought a migration of mice! When Wally accidentally eats cheese laced with sedative, it’s up to the wacky gang of counselors and campers to save the day.

Audition Dates: TBA

Camp: July 15-Aug. 2, 2019
Show dates: August 2-4, 2019

2018 FCYT Presents: Junie B. Jones, the Musical J.R.

2018 Fremont Community Youth Theatre presents…
Junie B. Jones, the Musical J.R.

Junie B. Jones – Lead – Karlie Franks
Junie B. Jones – Swing – Ellis Wylykanowitz
Daddy- Lance Laughlin
Mother- Mena Wylykanowitz
Lucille- Olivia Konves
Camille- Tayla Manuel
Chenille- Olivia Rogers
Grace- Ava Amarante
Mr. Woo- Keaton Sheidler
Herb- Brennan Hill
May- Emily Barickman
Lennie- Ellis Wylykanowitz
José- Braylee Laughlin
Mr. Scary- Monica Randolph
Sheldon- Nick Steigerwald
Shirlie- Isabella Palomo
Mrs. Gutzman- Eden Sheidler
Bobbie Jean Piper- Reagan Smith
Tickle the Dog- Eliza Semer
Paul (Lunch Student 1)- Draydin Nieset
Louise (Lunch Server)- Madeline Weiss
Renee (Student 1)- Samantha Young
Elaine (Student 2)- Miley Sheidler
Priscilla (Student 3)- Addison Riehl
Sue (Student 4)- Paige Justinger
Ruth (Student 5)- Taylor Peck

Kids on the Bus:
Maeve- Ivy Moss, Juliette- Addelyn Peterson, Amelia- Emma Peterson, Emma- Kayla Quaintance

Janet- Annabelle Kiser, Suzy Lou- Kamryn Krieger, Charlotte- Emily Linder, Pauline- Elizabeth Rellinger

Ensemble: The School Kids
Sophia- Briel Culbertson, Betty- Kensington Krieger, Mia- Adriana Lape, Kamdyn- Lauren Liwo, Veronica- Kylie Peck, Lindsey- Ruby Smith, Dennis- Adam Young

2017 Youth Theatre

Mark your calendars now for The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever taking place at FCT on Friday, August 4 at 7:00pm, Saturday, August 5 at 7:00pm, and Sunday, August 6 at 2:00pm.
Congratulations to our MOST EPIC Cast…
Narrator 1- Gabrielle Wiersma
Narrator 2- Tayla Manuel
Narrator 3- Taylor Peck
Narrator 4- Emma Gross
Skyler- Aubrey Morelock
Charley- Eden Sheidler
Kate- Delinda Gore
Kai- Ava Amarante
Logan- Ellie Stout
Tabby- Ivy Moss
Phoenix- Paige Justinger
Reese- Monica Randolph
Joy- Madeline Weiss
Lucky- Olivia Konves
Cameo- Kamryn Krieger
Gail- Daphne Holland
Wolf- Nick Steigerwald
Jo- Mena Wylykanowitz
Alex- Samantha Young
Quinn- Emiley Barickman
Ellie- Emily Linder
Emery- Addison Riehl
Pim- Olivia Rogers
Lily- Ellis Wylykanowitz
Charlandia Chorus- Annabelle Kiser, Aydin Manuel, Kylie Peck, Kayla Quaintance, and Miley Sheidler