How to become a teen member

Fremont Community Teen Theatre

Active members of teen theatre will have the right to vote for officers, play and
director selections, and other activities within FCTT.
To become a member, you must complete and return this form to a teen advisor or officer. Your application will be reviewed you will then sign a FCTT member code of conduct agreement.

To be an active teen member you must participate in the theater and volunteer.

There are many ways for you to do this, you can perform in production, help in the tech booth, ushering or working back stage in some fashion for an entire run of a production, teen, youth or adult and other social/theatrical activities. All theater activity must be documented, signed by an adult member in the production you helped with, preferably the director if applicable, and submitted to the FCTT advisors when complete. Please include the name of the production and how you contributed.

Contribution dues must be completed annually in order to be an FCTT member in good standing and participate in FCTT activities.

Thank you!

Click here for an application