fabric choice

I have decided on the fabric to recover the RAVENSCROFT furniture. I did some research and found the style best suits the Rococo revivial period that ran approx. 1850-1870.The fabrics were traditionally anything from satin brocades to velvets, in solids, florals and even stripes. I originally planned on what we often think of as the traditional red or gold velvet, but when I found this fabric that everyone feels looks very vintage and the price was soooo right, I couldn’t pass it up!

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Also known as the "Crazy Bald Guy", Mitch has filled many different roles at FCT and other area theatres, including (deep breath) president, chairman, propmaster, tech director, set designer, set dresser, actor, and director...but not all at once. He is active at Genoa Civic Theatre, Bellevue Society for the Arts, and frequently collaborates with Oak Harbor High School as a designer and technical consultant.