my next BIG project

Being one to never shy away from a big job or tackle something I’m not completely sure I can do, my next big project is to do some upholstery for the upcoming RAVENSCROFT. The Victorian setting calls for of course beautiful Victorian furniture, having borrowed items like this  before but always afraid something is going to happen to the borrowed pieces, (as has happened), I went on a search to find some reproduction pieces, no luck, found some original nice the budget? NO! Then I think I got very lucky and found what at one time was a gorgeous 100 year old sofa and 2 matching chairs, CHEAP! so I snagged them up. now true, they will need complete recovering but since I have dabbled some in this before, I feel confident that I can restore these pieces to stage worthy glamor. When I went to pick them up, the seller even gave me unexpectedly the original fabrics that had been removed by the previous owner in their attempt to begin the project.. so I now have some built in pattern pieces even. This is going to be a lot of work, but I think worth it. I’ll be posting pics here of the progress so we can see how i’m doing. todays insallment, day one, out of the van in into storage for now, work begins as soon as I can move them into the theatre after WORKING.

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Also known as the "Crazy Bald Guy", Mitch has filled many different roles at FCT and other area theatres, including (deep breath) president, chairman, propmaster, tech director, set designer, set dresser, actor, and director...but not all at once. He is active at Genoa Civic Theatre, Bellevue Society for the Arts, and frequently collaborates with Oak Harbor High School as a designer and technical consultant.