FCT stops by Fremont Farmers’ Market

The most recent Fremont Farmers’ Market was the “dog days of summer” so naturally, Sandy, Annie and Daddy Warbucks stopped by to say hi!

If you were at the first Fremont farmers’ market of the season, hopefully you stopped by the FCT booth.  Several teen theatre members were on hand and to promote the Teen Theatre 2012 production Kiss Me, Kate, opening July 12.

FCT at the Fremont farmers' market, June 16, 2012

FCT will be at upcoming farmers markets later this summer.  Stay tuned for details.

Several teens also took the opportunity to join the Fremont Zumba dancers in their demonstration…in Renaissance costumes and all.



FCTT 2012 Director Cyndi Hineline would like to send a BIG thank you to all who helped make this show a great one! One day after the show has closed she reports “We received  great feedback, and hope that we see many of you back at FCT, whether it’s onstage, backstage, or in the pit!  We couldn’t have done it without each and every single one of you!”

Some teens commented…

I had a lot of fun and I learned so much and made new friends and laughed and heard other people laugh, thanks a lot and I am looking forward to next year. R.B.
Thanks everyone,this was a great experience and I hope you all have a great summer:) L.D.

FCT gave me opportunites that I have NEVER been given. The people are great, the shows are wonderful. Thanks so much:] A.H.

The 2012 FCTT Cast of Kiss Me, Kate!

Fred Graham (Petruchio) – Nathan Wright
Lilli Vanessi (Katharine) – Delilah Foos
Lois Lane (Bianca) – Alexis Schmidt
Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) – Brandon Wurgess
Flynt (Gremio) –  Joey Magnuson
Riley (Hortensio) – Ryan Book
Hattie – Alycia Harrison
Paul – Josh Heard
First Man – Cyrus Foos
Second Man – Cody Russell
General Harrison Howell – Trent Smith
Pops, Stage Doorman (Padua Priest) – Steven Simpkins
Stage Manager – Jessica Holland
Dance Captain (Haberdasher) – Mackenzi Shaull-Babcock
Harry Trevor (Baptista Minola) – Josh Marty
Stagehands (Nathaniel, Gregory, and Philip) – Melanie Ellis, Serena Brower and Leah Marty
Wardrobe Lady/Soloist & Ensemble Singer – Madison Smith
Padua Inn Waitresses/Ensemble Singers – Samantha Keller and Kyleigh Harrison
Chorus:  Madison Smith, Riara Holland, Kyleigh Harrison, Katie Magnuson.  Serena Brower, Autumn Converse, Mackenzi Shaull-Babcock, Jessica Holland, Leah Darr, Abby Havice, Alyssa Huffman, Sarah Keller, Samantha Keller, Autumn Ollom, Maia Brower
FCT Teen Theatre is for teens age 13 through 19.