6 down, 3 to go

the second of 3 big weekends for THE WIZARD OF OZ is over, and we had 3 more SRO houses! Bravo to the cast, crew, orchestra, parents, and all involved if I’m overlooking you right now. It has been an amazing run so far and we still have 3 more sold out houses to perform for next weekend. If you haven’t made reservations, a waiting list is being made for each night, be at the theatre early and you’ll have to wait for some cancelations or no shows but we will try to do everything we can to get you in to see this show!

If a pictures worth a thousand words, then check out the OZ gallery at www.jasonhollandphotography.com downloads of the images are available for just $1 each and the proceeds go to FCT!, thanks Jason!!


While there are still 2 more sold out weekends of THE WIZARD OF OZ, it’s time to move on to the FCTT summer production of THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE, Director Dan Henning and Assistant director Brandon Wurgess have shared thier cast list with me…

Millie Dillmount- Amanda Heflinger

Jimmy Smith- Trent Smith

Ruth, Gloria, Rita, Alice, Cora, Lucille, Ethel Peas- Ellen Foos, Emily Turner, Amber Poole, Kirstin Eickert, Delilah Foos, Lizzie Cornicelli, Alex Bell, Crystal Holland

Mrs. Meers- Melanie Ellis

Miss Dorothy Brown- Meagan Eishen

Ching Ho- Brandon Wurgess

Bun Foo- Corey Wise

Miss Flannery- Sarah Stamm

Mr. Trevor Graydon- Nathan Wright

Speed Tappists- Allison Lemke, Lizzie Cornicelli, Emily Turner, Ellen Foos, Kirstin Eichert, Emily Moscioni, Danielle Osborn, Brianna Geller

Stenogs- Julia Dagg, Kayleigh Harrison, Katie Ball, Crystal Holland, Jessica Holland, Lauren Lejeune, Ember Ollom, Lauren Raymond

File Clerks- Josh Heard, Treshawn Murphy, Aaron Brown, Kelvin McMorris, Chris Repp, Jake Slaymaker, Jordan Slaymaker

Speakeasy Denizens, Dishwashers, Muzzy’s Boys, Male Moderns (Groups 1, 2, 3), Female Moderns (Groups 1, 2) and Ensemble will be chosen from these three groups.

The Pearl Lady- Lauren LeJeune

The Letch- Jordan Slaymaker

Policeman- Chase LeMaitre

Muzzy Van Hossmere- Kayla Haase

George Gershwin- CJ Holland

Dorothy Parker- Kara Knight

Rodney- Jake Slaymaker

Kenneth- Josh Heard

Muzzy’s Boys- T. J. Smith

Daphne- Lauren Raymond

Dexter- Treshawn Murphy

Mathilde- Dusti Minier

Mama- Tori Waldo

We are thrilled to welcome many new faces to FCTT and very glad to see some of the teen veterans returning, with this much talent it’s destined to be a great show, opening July 16-25.