The final night of auditions THE KITCHEN WITCHES was tonight, hope all the calls have been made so I can go ahead and annouce the great cast! Tracy Armentrout will play Dolly, Mindie Ottney will play Isobel, with Brandon Wurgess as Stephen and Frenchy will be Roberta the cameraperson. they all read so well, this is going to be FUNNY! opens Jan 29.


With A TUNA CHRISTMAS now officially underway , it’s time to move on to the next show, THE KITCHEN WITCHES. Auditions are sunday the 6th and monday the 7th at 7 pm. We need 2 women who appear 50ish or old enough to have the son who appears to be 30ish. Great characters for all and much stage time. Think Martha Stewart meets Jerry Springer, one funny situation after another and a food fight on stage, what more could you ask for? One minor character maybe played by either sex, they have much stage time but only 1 line, a great role for that beginner maybe who wants to get their stage feet wet. Come on out for director Dan Hanning and lets make this a great show!