2008-2009 Laurel Awards

The 2008-2009 FCT Laurel Awards ceremony took place on June 27th at the Fremont Federation of Women home. Taking the top honor, the coveted Stanley Award, for the third straight year was FCT President Mitch Antesky.

Grease – (Teen Theatre) directed by Tim Bolton

Laurels: The Lowry Family, Phoenix Golnick, Kayla Haase and family, and Christian Berlin

Hardys: Christian Berlin, Delilah Foos, and Erin O’Donnell

Something’s Afoot – directed by Mitch Antesky

Laurels: John Carroll, Linda Rich, Tim Bolton, Erin O’Donnell

Hardys: Ryan Brown, Wayne Livingston, Kayla Haase

It’s a Wonderful Life: Live Radio Play – directed by Michael PJ Foos

Laurels: Tim Bolton, Randy Brown, Hilary Frater, Tracy Armentrout, Steve Oberst, Brittney Forster, Leita Rohrbacher

Funny Valentines – directed by Claire E. Zimmerman

Laurels: Mitch Antesky, Michael PJ Foos, Sue Stotz

Hardys: Judy Smith, Mary Jo Foos

Leading Ladies – directed by Virginia Wise

Laurels: Cyndi Hineline, Bob Ammanniti, Randy Brown, Tim Bolton

Hardys: Brandon Wurgess, Charles Hayward, Brittney Forster, Kathy Van Wey, Bob Willer

2007-09 Stanley Award Winner Mitchell Antesky

Cinderella – directed by Tim Bolton and Randy Brown

Laurels: Randy Brown, Robert Bell, Mitch Antesky, Darla Brown, Sue Stotz, Ethan Mandeville, Mary Jo Foos, Hilary Frater

Hardys: Linda Bell, Mandy Burris, Hilary Frater

Outstanding Business: Ciolek and Wicklund, Attorneys at Law

Outstanding New Member: Brittney Forster

Outstanding Orchestra Member: Robert Bell

Stanley Award: Mitchell Antesky

Audience Choice Awards

Grease: Delilah Foos

Something’s Afoot: Erin O’Donnell

It’s a Wonderful Life – a live radio play: Tim Bolton

Funny Valentines: Michael PJ Foos

Leading Ladies: Brittney Forster

Cinderella: Mandy Burris


Although I am not sure I am quite over the adventure that was Beauty and the Beast, life goes on and a new show has taken over the stage that once …and still holds the castle to end all castles but more on that later first I am pleased to announce the cast of HOODWINKED..

Maid Marian…Kelly Fandrey

Friar Tuck…TJ Smith

Morty…Brandon Wurgess

Bernie …Brian Knaup

the Sheriff..Dan Harlan

Grundela…Hilary Frater

Prith…Britney Forster

Will…Randy Haase

Alan..Alex Bigelow

Little John..Tim Bolton

Robin Hood …Jeff Buchanan

and featuring as the “Marian-ettes” Mandy Burris,Kayla Haase and Donielle Yates

This crazy and zany cast had their first read through and it was wild! More high jinks are in store for FCT audiences than they have ever encountered before!

well…. my home pc is on the fritz so I’m working off the new netbook and it is giving me some issues with posting pics so that will have to wait, untill then …

I want to send a special hello and I, no, everyone at FCT hope my faithful reader Dr. Ted is feeling well as he reads this. Recover fast fron your recent surgery so we can see you back at the theatre real soon, until then , take care of yourself!


I don’t have much energy left tonight to post all I want to share about the amaaaazing weekend of Beauty and the Beast, so I am just going to post a few pics I just devoloped, (yes, the old fashioned way) of the set, that I guess I’m not afraid to admit, I’m pretty proud of. A lot more on the recording setting smash hit to come in my free time this week, and check out the regular teen photo gallery for more show, tea party and casual shots from the weekend to beat all weekends!

The rose in the glow of one of the rose windows

a detail look at the “faux dome”

The castle set in a blue mood

a little smoke drifts in the sun light rays surrounding a rose window

…and now, On With the Show !