Well, I don’t want to brag or anything but as I mentioned in last night’s posting, Playmaker’s Civic Theatre’s OCTA cutting of DONT HUG ME, was not only my favorite of the weekend but obviously the judges too because they brought home to PC a total of 10 awards along with the coveted invitation to showcase their performance at the State OCTA Convention in Cincinnati over labor Day Weekend! WOOO-HOOO!!!!!
From what I can recall it has been 24 years since PCT has been invited to State. In 1985 the cast of CRITICS CHOICE (including yours truly) took the top honors at the regional festival and then represented the northwest at the State Convention. It was very exciting to share with them today the thrill as their names were read to receive so many awards and then the invitation. I’m not sure I have all the exact honors recorded but I will give a list of the winners as to the best I could write them down.
Excellence in Ensemble, this is what I consider one of the single biggest honors that they can give a cast!
Excellence in Direction to Brenda Bou-Sliman
Merit in Creating an Environment, I think this is a fancy was for saying “nice set”
Merit in Choreography to Brenda Bou-Sliman
Excellence in Acting to Jeff Bugbee , yes, you read that right! from Earthquake McGoon to one of the farce kings, good old Jeff finally got one to hang on the wall!
Merit in Acting to Monette Garn
Excellence in Acting to Jaclyn Kromer
Excellence in Acting to Matt Parker
Excellence in Acting to Rich Reidmeir
Congratulations again to all the cast, crew and Playmaker’s for this exciting win!!
other winners from the weekend were:
the Harlequins Inc. of Sandusky also were invited to showcase their production of RAVENSCROFT, with awards going to director Lisa Wiley for directing and set design .
Jennifer Wertz for her costumes
excellence in Ensemble
award for stage combat
and acting awards for Rob Albach, Ellie Stuck, Deb Presser, Kelli Market, Dawnis Edge and an Outstanding Achievement in Acting to Ellen Larsen.
the alternate chosen was 3B Production’s SONG FOR A NEW WORLD. winning an ensemble award, direction by Joe Barton, a lighting design and 3 of the cast members winning 4 vocal performance awards.
Other awards were briefly, Steve Froelich’s original script for MOMMAS BOYS, Black Swamp Players, merit in ensemble , costumes, and actors Kent McClary and Lane Hakel.
Costumes by Shirley Goldsmith for William County Community Theatre’s THE LION IN WINTER
Choreography and Set Design by Amy Boley and Matt Richardson for Jesters Roving Player’s GODSPELL along with musical performances by Megan Ryan and Jamie Allen.
and an Excellence in Acting to Kedryn Carpenter from Fort Findlay Playhouse’s ‘NIGHT MOTHER
it was really a good weekend and a great time to see some good.. bad .. and even ugly theatre but tons of fun anyway! I met some fun new people and had a good time hanging out with old friends too, time to gear up now for the big trip to Cincinnati for the Labor day convention. yo-ho-ho on the O-hi-o!
…and now, On With the Show !

live from octa

first off, forgive any typos as i am in the hotel busisness center at the regional octa fest (and I have had a glass or two of wine) so i am not going to follow the same ordinary procedures for writing tonights entry.

it has been a fun day at octa regionals, we have seen 5 excerpts, and i would say at this point that my personal favorite of the day was our neighbor to the north Playmakers Civic Theatres presentation of DONT HUG ME,it was funny and evenly presented, Jeff was hysterical as a “bad Elvis” and the rest of the cast represented the northcoast of the region very well. i just spoke with old friends nadine and dale who mentioned that several of the cast members had never been to a regional fest before and then to have their cutting receive good comments from the adjudicators and lots of laughs and applause from the audience was very rewarding. i also saw old friend and blog reader Monette, dave, jan, and brenda, along with many other PCT members helping out.

todays cuttings also featured Back Swamp Players’ MOMMAS BOYS, with author Steve in the cast as well, William County’s THE LION IN WINTER, Van Wert’s STEEL MAGNOLIAS and Jesters Roving Players, GODSPELL. Although the day was a little on the heavy side it was still a fun day highlighted with strong dramatic performances along with brief comic moments.

Tomorrow brings 3B Productions’ SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD, Harlequins’ RAVENSCOFT and Fort Findlay Playhouse with ‘NIGHT MOTHER.

This evenings banquet as well as last night welcoming reception was held at THE FORT and hosted by owners/fellow theapians Jerry and Roger, a HUUUGE thanks to them for all their hospitality.

The cafe-atorium at Fort Jennings High School is a nice place, although I thought the crowds were kind of small at times , many other familiar faces were there to support the biggest and strongest region in OCTA., Marty, Cathy, Fairy , the other Mitch, John F and Kathleen (even though we havent alwasys been able to save eachother) Ginny , Donna and Barb rounded out the dinner table. then a MOOOST and i do mean MOOST intreresting and eye opening cocktail hour with Randy W, Amy, Ruth Ann and others wil be sure to give me some of the craziest non chicken eating dreams ive had in some time,, wow !! you guys sure know how to make a guys jaw drop!

well i suppose if i want to have a little more energy than i did today i better turn in and get reay for those morning excerpts..

untill then… On With The Festival!


I am so sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the Hayes Center Veranda Concert Wed. night, I had been listening to the wonderful sounding rehearsals and knew it would be a great hour of the best of FCT singing talents, over 20 old and new members came together as we so often do under trying circumstances to pull off a great gathering of people helping out and making the best of a bad situation, thanks to each and everyone that helped by singing and special kudos to Mary Jo for the organizing, Darla for teaching new music fast and furiously, and Linda for her expert piano playing. The program was very well received and worked as a good barometer of what we might be doing in the future at any functions we are asked to perform for.
The northwest regional OCTAfest is this weekend, in Ft. Jennings, should be a good weekend of excerpts and friendly comradery. a full recap will come next week along with the winners and state invitees.
Due to OCTA, some weddings, and other conflicts, tech Saturday for this week has been canceled, it hurts to take a day off but we are doing pretty well in getting the major construction items under control, after that just TONS of dressing and fun stuff for me and my crew to do, one project underway are the 4 candelabras that will grace the stairways in the beast’s castle. here’s a pic of the very basic frame that still has to be reshaped, ornamented some, painted and rigged with flicker candles, just thought you might like to see some of the magic in progress.
plumbing parts will transform to the glowing candleabras
the very complicated center platform that will serve as castle, west wing, trick window and transformation are is really taking shape, much more to do yet but thanks to Hank and Tim for the engineering of this most involved moving, smoking, lighted area.
the center mainstage revolve
this little village house is almost ready to paint!
one house in the village town square scenes
…and now, On With the Show !