What a busy and fun time it is around FCT, director Tim and his AD Randy choose the cast for the final show of the season, CINDERELLA, tonight!
In the title role, we welcome Ellen Foos to our stage, I can’t provide much background info yet on most of these new faces but it is rumored that Ellen is NOT related to the other Foos’ around FCT. A bit of odd trivia to note, our last adult production of CINDERELLA also featured an “Ellen” in the role.
Now that is the show that despite however good it might have been will always be remembered as when the old grand drape, (before the most recent silver gray) caught fire! It goes without saying with our new eggplant drape in place only just over a year old, we will do everything in all power to not have a repeat of that unusual night in the theatre.
Cinderella’s prince will be played by Nathan Ball. Nathan’s off stage father, John Ball will play the princes’ on stage father, the King opposite Queen, Melissa Damschroder.
The fairy Godmother will be beautifully portrayed and sung by Lori Willey.
The wicked stepmother will be Mary Jo Foos, with her daughters, Portia, Mandy Burris and Joy, Hilary Frater.
other characters include Ethan Mandeville, Mike Amos, Brittney Forster, John Aiello, Jennifer Abdoo, Kelly and Katelyn Fandrey,Kayla Haase, Tori Waldo, Meagan Eishen, Alex Bell, Emily Turner, Avery Bookmeyer, David Roach, Trent Smith, Hannah Kohler, Alysa Moyer, Shelby Conners.
( I apologize for all typos in the list above, I’m trying to take this off a bad copy of bad handwriting.. and no.. it’s not mine! , I will get them corrected as soon as possible)
it looks like a great cast and I was blown away by the voices I heard over the last 2 nights, it promises to be a good show.
…and now, On With the Show !


For those of you who have lost track of all time, as I often do.. auditions for CINDERELLA, the last show of the 08-09 season are Sunday the 15 and Monday the 16 at 7 PM. Come on out, bring a song and join in what is destined to be a magical experience with this favorite of family musicals.
It’s hard to believe we have reached that time in the year already, but what a fun ride it has been so far with 2 more shows to go yet! Before we get to CINDERELLA we have to announce the cast for LEADING LADIES. Director Ginny and assist. Tim have selected the following combination of familiar FCT faces for the late March farce.
Randy J. Brown as Jack
Bob Ammaniti as Leo
Cyndi Hineline as Meg
Brittney Forster as Audrey
Bob Willer as Duncan
Kathy VanWey as Florence
Brandon Wurgess as Butch
Charles Heyward as Doc
Randy is taking on double duties a set designer and more work needs to be done so anyone is welcome to show up every Saturday at 10 AM to help out, even just an hour or two would help out, it’s fun and you’ll learn something too, ( just ask Dr. Oz) There is always an odd job or a zillion to do!
This crazy farce also has a huge costume plot, so if doing some sewing, hunting for odd pieces , or putting together some outrageous outfits appeals to you, contact the powers that be and have some fun!
…and now, On With the Show !

Funny Valentines closes :(

Another show has closed, the stage has been stripped of it’s decor, (most of the walls remain since a good portion of it will be recycled into the next show), the costumes have been hung up and only the memories remain now of a very good time had by all.. oh and a HUGE pile of stuff for me to drag upstairs!
This ended up being a great run and fun show to be in. Such a fun and reliable cast to be on stage with!
Having never been onstage before with our resident “powerhouse actor”, PJ, I was pleased to be able to even attempt to keep up with him, and yes I will always relish my ability to nearly crack him up night after night, sorry for those wild eyes PJ! To fellow wigger Sue,I’m glad we went with the red, we didn’t actually have much stage time together but I did enjoy the brief moments we shared. Mary Jo, hope the Colgate worked well enough for all those xoxoxoxo scenes. Judy, Judy, Judy you scene stealer you, what can I say, you were funny and always a joy to be around.
A big thanks to Tim for the lights and sound, Donna (Gladys) for the help backstage, the refreshments and moral support. I guess my thanks here are a mere formality compared to the applause she got several nights for her “cameo scene change”. Delilah for pitching in, John too!
We were very lucky to have our director, Claire back out of the hospital after a short stay for the last weekend of performances, we are all glad your doing better, hang in there!
I had one of those moments today as I stood peeking through one of the peep holes located around the set.. How weird is this… what we do?? To me it is strange to think that all around the world, people just like us are putting on strange clothes, walking around in a temporary house, and saying words written by other people acting like people often so unlike our natural personalities, making audiences laugh and cry. Then when its all over , we go back to our regular daily lives. Wonder why it is that we like to do this? Is it for us? Is it for the patrons? Is it worth all the sacrifices? What is it that is inside of us that makes us have the sometimes uncontrollable desire to “put on a show!” Hmmmm. I wonder.. any thoughts?
I know I sure enjoy the art itself of being on stage, forcing the mind to work as it does. Keeping your body open though all kinds of blocking, your voice projecting to the back row, even in tender moments. Making all kinds of faces to display a variety of emotions, trying to lose yourself in a character, it’s all so complicated.. I guess this has been debated over for all of time so I doubt I will be able to discover an answer here in my little blog, but give it some thought and let me know…ok?