No sleep for how long?

OK, as I write this I am entering my 41st hour without sleep, why , oh why, have I done that? It’s all been in the preparation for Press dress, it is behind us now and it went great! and trust me I am headed for a good nights sleep, and I can rest easy knowing that the cast, crew and pit have come together to mount a FANTASTIC show, sure we still have some bugs to work out, that what we will tackle on Thursday! We had a very responsive decent size crowd tonight, lots of family, friends and FCT members, they laughed clapped and really gave us the boost we needed to understand how much fun this show is to be in as much as we hope it is for others to watch!
The set is 98% done, I just have a few more things that need to be done and then a few more special touches to really set it off as a different look from what we are used to seeing at FCT, hopefully the webmaster will get some of the over 400 pics he took tonight posted here soon. I am very happy with it, I guess I am NOT happy though that only a handful, a very small handful of people helped to make it all get done.
WE NEED YOU!!! We need even just one to a few hours a week to get the list of things to do worked down to a more manageable size. Many people ask ” how can I get involved?” I say it all the time, ” just come on out!” no experience required , just the desire to help out, have fun, learn and make friends along the way! Sure walking through that door the first time can be scary, trust me, we’ve all been there! So instead of trying to find the courage to do it solo, how bout attending a show and then while your there, surrounded by the security of a couple hundred others, you can ask anyone of the ushers, officers or cast members, how to get started! It is just so easy , you’ll be sorry you didn’t do it a long time ago!
What a great cast!…The teenage faction of the cast took the spotlight tonight as Erin, Kayla and Ryan definitely had a fan club there to watch, Tim and Linda have one of the funniest “love songs” to come along in a long time, Bob twitches his way through some comic moments while real life couple Jeff and Laura share some on stage couple time in funny, funny ways!
A lot of shows are tough to pull off, for many reasons, let me tell you that SOMETHING’S AFOOT is no exception and may be the grand daddy of them all! so many things to go wrong.. and they did some tonight,I don’t want to go into it too much since the surprise factor would be ruined when you come and see it! But those classic moments are what great theatre stories are made of!
Well, as i said earlier I am VERY tired so I am going to get some sleep, I think it was at about hour 24 I thought I had done something pretty stupid and I was cursing to myself why? why? why? I guess i might still be asking that question, but then I remembered, because I really do love doing it, sure their are headaches and heartaches along the way but stepping back and soaking in that finished set or standing on stage and hearing the laughs and applause…guess that answers my question!
Make your reservations now, these 6 performances will go by fast!
…and now, On With the Show !

Oh boy, wow what a few days this has been! We still have one cast member who is under the weather, get better linda and save that voice, then today I get the call that John is being admitted to the hospital…..he hasn’t been feeling very good for days so I had not idea what was wrong with him, later on wed night i spoke to a very grogy and I assume heavily medicated John who was going to spend the night in the hospital and let me know more about how hes doing on thursday, we are thinking of you but oh , my nerves!

but as I say every time I end these posts,.. on with the show! we rehearsed without a few bodies again on wed. here and there but the remaining cast members act and move around likeeveryone is there and tonight a few special moments were born I’m sure!

as promised I took some pics but without the stage lights on my cheapo camera didnt do too well and most were darker than the ones im going to put in here, some more to come when we start running lights, sound, props, costumes and the whole 9 yards deal soon!

jeff makes a “pop”…laura seems to be missing hers!

tim and ryan do some dancing..? what? yes you heard me right! as does erin and jeff

cant give away what the group is doing in this shot, come and see for yourself starting oct 3

lots and lots… and LOTS of tech to do this weekend, if you feel so inspired to help, come on out and i will put you to work!

One week til PRESS DRESS

With just one week until press dress and 10 days until opening night , you can imagine i’m getting kinda nerved up! The last few days the show has definitely turned the corner, the lines and choreography are coming easier and I have been adding more and more “bits” every night. Now if we can all stay healthy, that’s been a big challenge, did i mention the colds, the cysts, the infections? yeah!! fun huh? we will have a great final week of rehearsals, a looong weekend of tech to be done yet, did i mention wallpaper? upholstery? props..Props..PROPS!!! but we , as always will be ready to open on the 3rd , no problem.
Hopefully at wed nights rehearsal, i’ll take a few pics to post for a little sneak peak at the antics we are calling SOMETHING’S AFOOT, but nothing like being there, be sure to plan to take in the opening show of the 53rd season!
…and now, On With the Show !