Whaaaaatt? a challenge?

I challenge you to a duel!,… well, not exactly but in an effort to keep the FCT membership, and the world, I guess, updated on the happenings at FCT, my fellow blogger, Jim from “Above the stage” and myself have agreed to blog more diligently from now on…I know, “you’ve said that before crazy bald guy!”, and I have, but it is very important to me.. and us, that we strive to keep bringing all the information that is to be shared to those who want to know. We love the theatre and the fun it fulfillment it brings to our lives. It truly can be a wonderful place to be, to act, to sing, to dance, and to create on so many levels, some that we haven’t even begun to explore yet. With many new projects in the works and the understanding that so many new and old members aren’t sure how some things at FCT work, I will try to focus on some of that in the future, for starters!


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About Mitchell Antesky

Also known as the "Crazy Bald Guy", Mitch has filled many different roles at FCT and other area theatres, including (deep breath) president, chairman, propmaster, tech director, set designer, set dresser, actor, and director...but not all at once. He is active at Genoa Civic Theatre, Bellevue Society for the Arts, and frequently collaborates with Oak Harbor High School as a designer and technical consultant.