2020 – 2021 FCT Personnel

Chairperson……….. Daleen Askins
Vice Chairperson…. Randy Brown
Ashly Conley
Floyd Collins
Cyrus Foos
President………….. Jim Posey
Vice President…..… Sarah Stamm
Treasurer………….. Mary Jo Foos
Secretary…………… Lynne Wagner

2020 – 2021 Committees
Audit Report: Becky White. – Chair, Judy Smith.
Box Office: Mary Jo Foos. – Chair
Building and Grounds: Floyd Collins.-Trustee Chair, Co-Chair Tim Bolton
Constitution and By-Laws: Daleen Askins. – Chair.
Costumes: Sue Stotz – Co-Chair Ashly Conley – Co-Chair
Directors’ Resource Manual: Sarah Stamm . – Chair
Grants: Becky Holland. – Chair
Graphics Designer: Floyd Collins- Chair
Social Media: Lynne Wagner- Chair
Historian: Darla Brown. – Chair
House Managers: Daleen Askins – Chair, Becky White.
Membership: (VP) Sarah Stamm –Chair
Murder Mystery Troupe: Daleen Askins Chair-Temp
Newsletter Editor: Jim Posey. – Chair
North Lot Planning: Tim Bolton. – Chair , Floyd C.
OCTA Delegate: Daleen Askins. – Chair
Play reading: Pete Lowery. – Chair
Playbill and Program Editor: Ryan Blechinger
Props: Randy Brown. – Chair
Publicity and Marketing: Amy Wylykanowitz. – Chair
Season Tickets and Patronage: Lou Nitkiewicz – Chair
Social: Daleen Askins Chair
Teen Theatre: Kyleigh Lash, – Advisor Floyd Collins. – Advisor
Teen Theatre Scholarships: Randy Brown. – Chair
Webmasters and Technology: Floyd Collins. – Co-Chair, Tim Bolton. Co-Chair
Youth Theatre: Floyd Collins – Chair