AUDITIONS FOR PLAID TIDINGS SEPTEMBER 24 & 25, 2017 @ 6:30 Have a song memorized and prepared to sing. Bring piano music. An accompanist is provided. Forever

Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings is a brand new show that offers the best of Forever Plaid, tied up in a nifty package with a big Christmas bow on top! Filled with Christmas standards that have all been “Plaid-erized,” our boys are back to do their Christmas Special. At first, Francis, Jinx, Smudge and Sparky aren’t sure why they’ve returned to Earth for another posthumous performance, but a phone call from the heavenly Rosemary Clooney lets them know that they’re needed to put a little harmony into a discordant world. Sprinkled among the Christmas offerings are audience favorites, like their riotous three-minute-and-eleven-second version of The Ed Sullivan Show – this time, featuring the Rockettes, the Chipmunks, and The Vienna Boys Choir, as well as a Plaid Caribbean Christmas that puts the “Day-O” in Excelsis!

Director Pam Meggitt is proud to announce that auditions for the Christmas show, PLAID TIDINGS, will be held on at the Fremont Community Theatre on Sunday and Monday, September 24 and 25, at 6:30 P.M. The cast for this show requires four talented young men, 18-30 years old, who love to sing in harmony, dance, and just have fun on stage.

The characters and their vocal ranges are described as follows:
Francis (second tenor/baritone) Francis is the leader and most confident of this teen group which were all killed in a traffic accident on their way to their first gig, but were allowed to return to Earth to perform one show. He takes care of the Plaids as far as telling them where to be and what to sing. Whenever the choreography or pace gets too fast or energetic, his asthma tends to act up and he needs his inhaler. He is constantly apologizing to the audience whenever things don’t go as planned.

Sparky (baritone) Sparky is the clown or cut-up of the group. He is very sharp and enjoys singing. He wears a retainer so he has a minor speech impediment or lisp. He is energetic, loves to perform, and tell stories. His character softens somewhat by the end of the show, proving he does have a heart.

Jinx (tenor) Jinx is the shy and terrified one. He doesn’t always remember the next song or what dance moves to perform. Jinx is a step-brother to Sparky. Because he has problems singing a high A, he often ends up having a nosebleed on stage. Throughout the show, he transforms from a shy teen into a more confident young man.

Smudge (bass) Smudge got this nickname due to the smudges he left on his papers because he was left-handed. He is the worrier of the group. He frets about the props, the running order, and thinks the audience won’t like him. Smudge also has a chronic nervous stomach and will occasionally take a drink of Milk of Magnesia. He suffers from the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve syndrome, is dyslexic, and wears glasses which hide his good looks.

This is a fun show with lots of comedic lines and activities which help to lead into many of the musical numbers which center on a Christmas theme. The songs in the show are mainly from the 50’s and 60’s. The first version, FOREVER PLAID, was warmly received and enjoyed by our audiences back in 1997 and was showcased at the state OCTA fest. A small combo, consisting of a piano player (Bill Burkett) and a bass player (Kim Knight), rounds out the cast.

Dates for this production are December 1, 2, ,3, and 8, 9, 10, 2017. Guys, interested in trying out for this show, should bring music and sing 16 bars of a familiar song that showcases their range. You will probably also be asked to read from the script and learn a bit of choreographed movement. Please check your calendars to be sure you have no conflicts with the show dates.

Any questions, be sure to contact Pam Meggitt, Randy J. Brown, or FCT for more info.


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