2021 – 2022 FCT Personal

Daleen Askins
Randy Brown – Chairman
Wayne Biggert
Jim Posey – Vice-Chairman
Cyrus Foos
President………….. Amy Wylykanowitz
Vice President…..… Aaron Brown
Treasurer………….. Mary Jo Foos
Secretary……………Lynne Wagner

2021 – 2022 Committees (NOTE STILL TO BE DECIDED)
Audit Report: Becky White, Judy Smith – Co Chairs
Box Office: Mary Jo Foos, Sarah Stamm – Co Chairs
Building and Grounds: Tim Bolton – Chair
Constitution and By-Laws: Jim Posey – Chair
Costumes: Sue Stotz, Ashly Conley – Co-Chairs
Directors’ Resource Manual: Sarah Stamm – Chair
Grants: Becky Holland – Chair
Graphics Designer: Floyd Collins- Chair
Social Media: Lynne Wagner- Chair
Historian: Darla Brown. – Chair
House Managers: Daleen Askins, Becky White – Co-Chairs
Membership: (VP) Aaron Brown – Chair
Murder Mystery Troupe: Aaron Brown – Chair
Newsletter Editor: Jim Posey. – Chair
North Lot Planning: Tim Bolton – Chair
OCTA Delegate: Daleen Askins – Chair
Play reading: Pete Lowery – Chair
Playbill and Program Editor: Ryan Blechinger – Chair
Props: Randy Brown – Chair
Publicity and Marketing: Amy Wylykanowitz – Chair
Season Tickets and Patronage: Lou Nitkiewicz – Chair
Social: Daleen Askins – Chair
Teen Theatre: Kyleigh Lash Advisor, Floyd Collins Advisor
Teen Theatre Scholarships: Randy Brown – Chair
Webmasters and Technology: Floyd Collins, Tim Bolton. Co-Chair
Youth Theatre: Toni Biggert, Tricia Lamb McElfresh Co-Advisor