2015 Laurel Awards

Laurel Square

The 2015 Laurel Awards was held on July 11, 2015 at Crystal Arbors in Fremont, Ohio.  The event started with a social hour at 5:00 p.m., dinner at 6:00 p.m. and then a roughly two-hour awards ceremony began at 7:00 p.m., led by Emcees Scott Havice and Michael PJ Foos.

Highlights of the evening were a performance by Scott and PJ of “Who Is Primary?”, an Elizabethan rendering of “Who’s on First?”  Scott and PJ also announced a blooper episode of “The Scott and PJ/PJ and Scott Show” has been released on YouTube.  Be sure to check it out!

Of course, the awards are the thing at the Laurel Awards, and the following is a listing of those honored:

Laurels are given by directors to individuals who they feel contributed the most to the success of a show.  Hardy Awards are given to those who kept up the cast’s morale or “added that extra bit of comic relief”.  Audience Choice Awards are voted on by the audience with a monetary donation which goes, in part, to fund our Teen Scholarship.  

Directors Delilah Foos and Jason Kramer

Laurels:  Alexis Schmidt, Mackenzi Shaull-Babcock, Leah Marty, Joseph Magnuson, Cyrus Foos,

Hardy:  Elizabeth Vogel, Brandon Pennell, Ryan Book

Audience Choice Award:  Cyrus Foos

Director Mitchell Antesky

Laurels: Monica Siesel and Adam Cox, Ethan Mandeville, Harley Berry, Linda Bower

Audience Choice Award:  Monica Siesel

Director Janet Wilcox

Laurels:  Tim Bolton, Linda Bower, Cyndi Hineline. Bob Ammanniti

Hardys:  Floyd Collins, Mike Magnuson, Scott Havice

Audience Choice Award:  Ember Ollom

Director Linda Bower

Laurels: Mitchell Antesky, Harley Berry, Sue Stotz, Kaitlyn Phillips

Hardys: Cyrus Foos, Floyd Collins

Audience Choice Award:  Kaitlyn Phillips

Director Griff Allan

Laurels: Tim Bolton, Michael PJ Foos, Ben Archer, Sam Waugaman, Steve Koenig

Hardys: Linda Bower, Cheryl Bolton

Audience Choice Award:  Michael PJ Foos

Director Diane Cepeda

Laurels: Ember, Autumn & Breeze Ollom; Dion, Lea-Ann & Madison Wilson; Michael PJ, Cyrus & Delilah Foos; Matt, Stephanie, Ryan & Makenna Book; Randy Brown; Chuck Cantrell

Hardys:  Ted Ball, Danny Stratton

Audience Choice Awards:  Madison Wilson

Each year, the Board of Trustees gives three awards to those who have shown outstanding effort to help make the past season a success.  

Outstanding Business: Action Printing and Photography (Dan Laity)

Outstanding New Member: Cyrus Foos

Outstanding Orchestra Member: Matt Book


Outgoing Board Members Sue Stotz, Michael PJ Foos and Jim Gruss were recognized for their service.

Audience Choice and Scholarship Awards:  Each show, the audience is able to vote for their favorite cast member by placing a monetary sum in the receptacle for that actor. Part of those moneys go to a Scholarship Fund for a member of Fremont Community Teen Theatre.

2015 Scholarship Recipient Crystal Camden


Stanley Award: From votes cast by the season’s directors and the officers and board of trustees, this award goes to the FCT member who exemplifies the spirit of community theatre at FCT and who has contributed the most towards the success of the 2011-2012 season.

2015 Stanley Award Winner Tim Bolton