2012 Laurel Awards

2011-2012 Laurel Awards

The 2011-2012 FCT Laurel Awards ceremony took place on June 23th at the Fremont Federation of Women home. Taking the top honor, the coveted Stanley Award, was FCT Chairperson of the Board Sue A. Stotz !

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL – (Teen Theatre)Directed  by Randy J. Brown

Laurels: Cyndi Hineline, Delilah Foos, Kendra Keegan, Aaron Brown, Nathan Wright, Josh Heard, Mackenzi Shaull-Babcock, and Joey Magnuson

Hardys: Cyrus Foos and Carl Spears

OUR TOWN – directed by Jan Wilcox

Laurels: Tim Bolton, Randy J. Brown, the Foos Family, the Buchanans’, Brittney Forster

Hardys: Pete Lowry and Harley Berry

NUNCRACKERS – directed by Jimy Foreman

Laurels: Jeff Buchanan, Brittney Forster, Bob Ammanniti, Hilary Frater, Mary Lou Jay and Donella Wilt

Hardys: Linda Rich and Tracy Armentrout

OUT OF STERNO – directed by Mindie Ottney

Laurels: Linda Bower, Delilah Foos and Mitchell Antesky

Hardys: Sam Waugaman, Jeff Buchanan, Laura Buchanan and Jim Gruss

THE RED VELVET CAKE WAR – directed by Pete Lowry

Laurels: Karen Langley, Ron Hill, Jenn Abdoo and Megan Abdoo

Hardys: Charles Hayward and Cyndi Hineline

THE SECRET GARDEN – directed by Randy Brown

Laurels: Darla Brown, Ally Brown,  Hank Povolny, Sami Trapp, Ben Archer, Jan Wilcox, Ryan Mahaffey, Mandy Burris, Linda Bower and Bill Burkett

Hardys: Aaron Chavez, Kayla Hunter and Phoebe Jackson

Outstanding Business: Borer Mirror and Glass

Outstanding New Member: Harley Berry

Outstanding Orchestra Member: Donella Wilt

Other awards

Outgoing Board Members Sue Doell, Claire Zimmerman and Pete Lowry were recognized for their service.

Stanley Award: From votes cast by the season’s directors and the officers and board of trustees, this award goes to the FCT member who exemplifies the spirit of community theatre at FCT and who has contributed the most towards the success of the 2011-2012 season.


2012 Stanley Award Winner Sue A. Stotz