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What is it that could bring me out of my multi month retirement from blog entries? PLAY IN A DAY of course. I have been asked several times to describe what PIAD is all about to those that I have not rambled onto about it before and all I can come up with is that it is indescribable. Sure I love to spend time at the theatre, even 24 hours or more in a row but the adrenaline of bringing together a group of old and new friends, and testing their brains, bodies, patience and endurance by throwing at them the huge task of writing, directing and acting in a original script in 24 hours is just well, crazy I tell you!

Do I work best under pressure? Some say I do, those who have ever worked by my side on a set might agree but nothing compares the pressure of PIAD but in the craziest fun way, I think there isn’t time to worry or debate or change your mind, you just have to act NOW.

I think the creativity and imaginations that have come out of our previous editions have shown us that the world is filled with creative people who might not even know their own abilities or limits, PIAD is the perfect vehicle to turn loose and have fun while doing what we all love.

This edition of PIAD is going to be so different in the fact that it will be performed on a fully dressed set, I think the possibilities that the writers have are just limitless and hold so many options, plus it will add to the audiences perspective and raise the level of entertainment. PIAD does act as a fundraising opportunity for the host theatre so participation and  a nice sized house put icing on the cake!

I am also hoping to bring this fun and fund raiser to other theatres and their crazy members who would love to have the chance to do it locally too, I am in the beginning of negotiations with several theatres who want to bring this excitement to their town and theatre,  look out Ohio!


during PIAD, look for updates here for pics and happenings!

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Also known as the "Crazy Bald Guy", Mitch has filled many different roles at FCT and other area theatres, including (deep breath) president, chairman, propmaster, tech director, set designer, set dresser, actor, and director...but not all at once. He is active at Genoa Civic Theatre, Bellevue Society for the Arts, and frequently collaborates with Oak Harbor High School as a designer and technical consultant.