State OCTA wrap up

Anyone who has ever attended a state OCTA conference knows that by Monday night, you are very tired, so this will be brief, with more details to follow  but the weekend was wonderful. I saw 15 great excerpts, true some were better than others but all were very worthy of being there. I wish FCT had been able to showcase the Northwest regions alternate, OUT OF STERNO, it would have been something very different from the other selections. Outstanding cuttings in my mind were,  AVENUE Q, RENT, DOUBT, THE OLDEST PROFESSION and THE SECRET GARDEN. I attended a responder round table discussion on how to improve our job at future festivals, and a parliamentary procedure workshop that despite the early Monday morning time slot, was very informative. I regret not entering the OUT OF STERNO set in the set design competition, or some of the costumes. OCTA awards excellence in newsletter, website, various in house tech aspects and many others, let’s make a goal to bring home a bunch of awards to show the state what great theatre FCT is capable of doing, when we work together!


OCTA update! First time director Mindie Ottney would like to  say THANK YOU to the incredible cast and crew of Out of Sterno. We received merit awards for ensemble acting and direction, excellence awards for costumes, Delilah Foos an excellence in acting award, and Mitch Antesky an outstanding for set…and the alternate state invitee,  It has been an unbelievably wonderful experience! Couldn’t have done it without ALL of you:-)