COVID -19 Updates

FCT Covid-19 update. 3/22/2020
Hello everyone, As I said in my last message, we’re doing everything we can to keep you informed and to keep the theater a safe place.The upcoming directors and their teams as well as the board have been holding online meetings to discuss moving forward.As of now, Mamma Mia will not run in May but will be postponed until September. Mamma Mia will take the place of The Underpants. Set construction, in-person rehearsals, and any other activity at FCT has been stopped and postponed to later dates. And as a reminder, FCT is closed to the public.Additionally, the Teen and Youth shows will be combined into one show, The Lion King Jr. Experience, to, hopefully, still run this summer. Again, these are not ideal situations and the decisions have been difficult to make, but we, as a board, are doing our best to continue with as many shows as we are able to and allow many to still be involved.Shows, such as The Underpants and Matilda, that are being removed, will be moved into the following season.As we move forward, we will be sure to keep you informed, and we thank you for your continued support in our decisions. We have a great community here at FCT and we’re glad we’re able to work together in this difficult time. Please remember to check your email regularly as additional information is sent out via email, and you will be getting a bigger report from Board Trustee Jim Posey soon.
-Sarah Stamm, Board Trustee & FCT Board

FCT Covid-19 update. 3/18/2020
Hello FCT members, patrons, and community, As news of the Covid-19 continues to change on a daily basis, we, the board of FCT, are doing our utmost to keep everyone who is involved at FCT safe. As of now, FCT is CLOSED to the public. We are only working on an operational basis. If anyone is physically at the theater, it is within the guidelines of the state and for absolute necessity. We have also done much to conduct activity online as to limit all contact. Our most recent show, A Bench in the Sun, was closed for the second weekend to prevent exposure to the community, and now our current show, Mamma Mia, is limiting itself and canceling all in person rehearsals and working on doing an online music app rehearsal instead to do all we can to prepare and to not postpone if possible. It is unfortunate that we must lose so much for something we all care greatly about, but we need to be flexible in these times. We look forward to seeing you all and working together again when it is safe to do so. We ask for your continued support as we make these difficult decisions. Please understand that any in-person meetings, events, or other planned activities at the theater are cancelled until further notice, and we will be sure to keep you informed when any additional changes are made.
Stay safe,Sarah Stamm, Board Trustee & FCT Board