Dracula The Musical? Auditions

For Audition Forms Click Here

7:00 PM on both Sunday, July 28th & Monday, July 29th, at FCT

Those auditioning should be prepared to sing at least 16 bars from a song of their choice, one that showcases their vocal range and ability, as well as bring a copy of their chosen music to the audition. An accompanist will be provided & song excerpts from the show may also be taught and sung during the evening. Those auditioning will also be asked to read with various accents.

Cast of Characters (With approximate ages):

DR. SAM SEWARD – The jovial but stuffy proprietor at the London madhouse and father to Mina
(40 & up)
MINA SEWARD – Sam’s naive & discontented daughter.
(20 to 35’ish)
SOPHIA SEWARD – Mina’s mother and Sam’s fluttery spouse. (40 & up)
BUBU PADOOP – The frisky actress friend of the Seward’s from New Jersey
(20 to 50’ish)
NELLY NORTON – The Seward’s maid at the madhouse.
(20 to 35’ish)
BORIS RENFIELD – A Gypsy bug eating patient at the madhouse.
(20 & up)
DR. VAN HELSING – The self-righteous German Doctor whose goal is to exterminate Count Dracula.
(30 & up)
COUNT DRACULA – The newcomer to the neighborhood (who just happens to be a vampire).
(20 to 40’ish)
JONATHAN HARKER – The mysteriously missing realtor.
(20 to 40’ish)