It arrived at 10:39 p.m. … the email that said we had not only met our goal of $1,500.00 but had surpassed it.  And then the emails kept coming!  All told, we raised $1,648.00 through your gifts during #GivingTuesday today.  Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who made donations or who encouraged others to do so.  We are so grateful for our donors, whether the amount they sent was large or small!

This season, we are thankful to have a theatre family that supports each other, through good times and through bad, whether through donations of their money or of their time.

I want to personally thank the Board, who approved this Fundraiser event when we learned about it only a week ago.  Also, a great BIG thank you goes to Ember Ollom who helped me track the event.  We truly had an EXCITING day today!

Thank you once again for helping FCT to remain “More Than a Stage in Your Life”!

-Cyndi Hineline, President