Cast of FCTT “Shrek the Musical” Announced


The Teens just wrapped up auditions for Shrek the Musical, and are super excited! The turnout for auditions was better than great, with teens showing up from all over the surrounding area, and Jason and Delilah are happy to announce the cast:

Shrek- Joey Magnuson
Fiona- Kyleigh Harrison
Donkey- Cyrus Foos
Lord Farquaad- Mathew Gerber
Pinocchio- Ryan Book
Dragon- Elizabeth Vogel
Mama Ogre- Riara Holland
Papa Ogre- Kristopher Krotzer
Young Shrek – Dylan Hohlfelder
King Harold- Ben Davies
Queen Lillian – Crystal Camden
Young Fiona – Makenna Book
Teen Fiona- Kaitlyn Phillips
Captain of the Guard – Brandon Pennell
Thelonious- Sam Berlekamp
Pied Piper- Hannah Santiago
Bishop- Jon Miller
3 Blind Mice- Leah Marty, Crystal Camden, Kayla Hunter (Carly Wiersma)
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy- Leah Darr
Humpty Dumpty- Madison Smith
Big “Bad” Wolf- Austin Rambo
3 Little Pigs- Ashley Blevins, Hannah Santiago, Shelby Granger
Papa Bear- Kristopher Krotzer
Mama Bear – Elizabeth Vogel
Baby Bear- McKenna Willis
Fairy Godmother- Alexis Schmidt
White Rabbit- Emma Jones
Wicked Witch- Leah Marty
Peter Pan- Logan Damschroder
Mad Hatter- Rachel Hofacker
Elf- Abby Havice

Happy Villagers, Guards, Duloc Performers, etc. – Sydney Hohlfelder, Katie Magnuson, Alyssa Huffman, Carly Wiersma and other cast members

Mark your Calendars now for this fun-filled show playing July 17-19!