Our 58th season opened September 27, audiences raved and laughed, to this smart and heart warming comedy.

In the spirit of Frank Capra, this comedic tale of a bank heist and three retired nannies had all the classic comedy twists and surprises fit for any and all audiences.

Director Linda Bower and Assistant Sue A. Stotz proudly lead the Cast of “Every Little Crook and Nanny” while welcoming “new to the FCT stage” actors, Chuck Cantrell, Cory Castelon of Republic, Latisha Fields of Bellevue and Melang Clarck of Fremont alongside many FCT veterans,.Donna Wollenslegel of Elmore, Linda Rich of Gibsonburg, Candi Cantrell of Fremont, Tim Bolton of Fremont, Jarrett Newsome of Clyde and Mary Jo Foos of Gibsonburg.


8 the play


FCT was proud to be  the 400th confirmed reading of 8 worldwide.

The cast of 8 performed 2 staged readings of 8 the play, that benefited the American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact. The crowds responded amazingly to the show and the very educational talk back sessions that followed each performance highlighting the battle in America over marriage equality. FCT was bold in bringing an event like 8 to Fremont. Despite some objections, the overall reaction was overwhelmingly positive and compliments and thank you notes have poured into our email inbox. White FCT is still committed to bringing family friendly entertainment to the FCT stage regularly, more performances that are educational, entertaining, and possibly controversial like 8, certainly could be on the horizon in the future. Theatre can be so much more than comedy, songs and dance, it can educate and inform while entertaining. We thank all who supported this event.

Donations accredited to FCT made to AFER may still be made by visiting the tickets tab above, Thank you!