Beginnings and Endings

Over the last 3 months, each time I stop out at FCT I find myself thinking…

it’s good to be back.

After spending parts of of six years working on nearly a dozen shows and numerous other projects, two years off from theatre made me realize how a part of my life it had become. When I was invited last November to work on Out of Sterno with Mindie and Mitch, I jumped at the chance to get back on board. It’s been a very busy and rewarding three months since then, and I’ve been grateful to rejoin the great group of theatre talent we have.

It’s been amazing to see all of the exciting new things that have happened in the meantime.  The theatre has brought back Youth Theatre, something that had been greatly missed for some time.  FCT put on its very own Play-in-a-Day, a fresh spin on improv theatre.  Leaving Iowa piled up an impressive 5 awards at last summer’s state-wide OCTA fest.  The green room and light booth have been re-vamped, and the theatre joined the social media revolution on Facebook.

Additionally, as you have no doubt noticed, the FCT website has a brand new look and feel. After nearly 5 years of the old site, it was finally time to move on.  The previous website was made in the era before Facebook and Twitter were household names and simply wasn’t up to the task of keeping up with news and updates that can change by the hour. We’ve adopted a website system based on the WordPress platform, which has worked beautifully thus far.  After the first month or so, we’re still fine-tuning some of the aspects of bringing you not just the latest theatre news, but also photos, videos, and articles from around the area.

A pretty exciting bunch of accomplishments, and there are more to come.  I hope that this blog–along with the Crazy Bald Guy’s venerable one–and our official web and Facebook pages will help to keep you up to date on some of the latest happening on, around, and above the FCT stage.


THE RED VELVET CAKE WAR has ended a successful run at FCT . This hilarious comedy filled with southern humor left  audiences rolling in the aisles. A big thanks to to y’all who visited Texas.