back to work!

My last entry was a reminder to make your A CHRISTMAS STORY reservations, you sure did listen! We had a great attendance and hope you continue to support the non musical productions as well as your all time favorite big musicals. Which brings me to LEAVING IOWA, director Michael PJ Foos with assistance from yours truly have a great cast of FCT veterans and returning faces to the FCT stage after way too long of absences.

Don – Jason Kramer

Dad – Tim Bolton

Mom – Cyndi Hineline

Sis – Hilary Frater

Multiple Character Guy – Ethan Mandeville

Multiple Character Girl – Jen Hofacker

This is a very unique show, one filled with humor and moments that will remind you of every family vacation you’ve ever taken or been on! With sentimental scenes mixed amongst the hilarity, you wont want to miss this very new work being done for one of the first times here in northwest Ohio.