A giant “thank you” to the entire cast and crew of BINGO, this show was very special, it was what it is all about, a great cast working together for the goal of one fantastic performance, everyone giving 100%, working as an ensemble and having a great time on stage and letting that show through to some amazing performances. Veteran actresses have seldom shined so bright and FCT is in wonderful hands for the future as the new faces that are emerging as rising stars showed us that the future of FCT is bright, funny and loud and will be strong for years to come!
We were blessed to have this amazingly clever and well designed show to bring to life for the first time in the entire region, way to go FCT for having the faith in a wonderful piece of new work. My personal thanks to the play selection committee for having trust in my crazy bald idea that a show could be based around a bingo game and be entertaining for 2 hours!
Sure, it was a silly, hokey story, but the music was incredibly fun and/or beautiful. Our fabulous Bob Bell who synchronized the entire score to beautiful midi files for accompaniment was very impressed with the complexity of the score and had his hands quite full mastering it all, saying he was glad he would never have to play this score live! Meanwhile the story was brilliantly structured to wrap every detail up in a enjoyable package from start to finish.
So many people to thank, Linda Bell for playing through countless rehearsals, Bob B for his countless hours over a keyboard and computer screen, Mandy for doing double duty as VD and having a major role, Linda and Mike Bower for taking on a job much bigger than I ever thought it would grow too. Tim B for stepping up and lending a hand on sound, PJ for filling in more than once on the light board, Bob Ammanneti for stage managing for only the second time and doing a great job, almost single handedly. Sue made the costumes, and they all were perfect for each character, Pete was my TD and as always Hank and Tim put in a lot of hours on the set. Jason Kramer got talked into a last minute job of lighting designer and did a wonderful job with what we have to work with, and my crazy ideas all came together very well. So many other people to thank, I know who you are, I’m just tired and going blank right now without a program in front of me, I hope you are included in that so every one knows I do appreciate all your work.
and some special thanks have to go out to the many loyal supporters of FCT, and me, that came out to see and support us, even some “old” friends showed up,,, that was very nice and meant a lot to me personally.
You missed a good one if you didn’t see this show! It was a delight to work on and watch every time, I wish it would’ve go on for a long time yet, the word of mouth finally seemed to hit as the final curtain fell. thanks again one and all!


OK, you have just 3 more times to see BINGO, you NEED to do this, and you NEED to bring some friends with you, you WONT be sorry! Awesome actors, singers, dancers on a fun set, doing a FUN show, what more could you want? Great music, fun visuals every time you look at the stage, this show is simply FUN, can I say it again? FUN FUN FUN! Check out the gallery page or visit the facebook page, Fremont Community Theatre: More than a stage in your life, and see what is in store for just 3 more performances!


I CANT BEGIN TO GO ON ENOUGH ABOUT HOW MUCH FUN THIS FIRST WEEKEND OF BINGO WAS! The cast, and techies are doing an amazing job, the show is so cleverly written, its a perfect vehicle for a talented cast to showoff , their voices, comic skills, even some dancing. Big kudos to all the behind the scene people who are working like crazy to make a very intersting show to watch, and it aint easy folks! The crowds have been loving it and very responsive, just need more of them, if you havent seen this show, MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS AND BRINGS SOME FRIENDS WITH YOU! I’m off to a meeting now but this week ill be back with more news from BINGO!, checkout the photo gallery!