The members of FCT held their annual election dinner tonight. Elected to the board of directors for the 2010-2011 season were the following individuals:

Tim Bolton – president

Pete Lowry – vice president

Dan Henning – secretary

Scott Havice – treasurer

John Carroll – 2-year term

Judy Smith – 2-year term

Mitch Antesky – past president

Randy Brown and Sue Stotz each have 1 year remaining on their terms.

Thanks to the many nominated members who did not win but had volunteered for various positions, it was a refreshing change to have so many good candidates on the ballot. Do not forget there are still many good jobs around FCT; we need your enthusiasm and dedication. Win or lose everybody can help in so many ways!

The potluck dinner was delicious, many thanks to all who contributed; we have some excellent cooks in our membership!

As the outgoing president, I am confident that the new board and the great next season planned will be one of the best and most productive in years.

It is a crazy busy time around FCT, THE WIZARD OF OZ is certainly behind schedule technically but rehearsals are shaping up wonderful. If any one has, any free time most evenings, Friday nights, Saturdays from 10 AM and some Sunday afternoons PLEASE stop out to the theatre and lend a hand. Builders, painters, great thinkers, we need you!

Another crazy few weeks for me again! If you havent been able to keep up with me, dont worry most days I dont know where or what I’m supposed to be doing! Here’s my life in the theatre in a nutshell. Finished a great run of HELLO, DOLLY! for the Oak Harbor Thespians, we had the biggest revolving stage I’ve ever built, 18′ x what would expand to 24′ x 15 ‘ high, complete with grand staircase. I hope to get some pic posted real soon, now we just have to strike the whole thing yet!, Then life at FCT continues as we try to build OZ, I work a lot of the WICKED shows at the Stranahan and of course FCT just closed their DIXIE SWIM CLUB. Once again I asked a guest blogger to share with us her thoughts on THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB and being a part of the ensemble cast… Amanda “Mandy” Burris wrote…..

As a cast member of The Dixie Swim Club I’d like to say thank you to everyone who gave up their time for preparation and execution of this wonderful play. We had such an amazing audience every night of the show. Y’all really make our jobs as actors easier! Having an audience who reacts to the scene and laughs and cries right along side you is a great joy, and every actor thrives on it! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

As a cast: we started the show as five women leading very separate lives, and we’ve ended the show as friends. We’ve grown and shared things that have happened good or bad in the past couple of months. We’ve shared in helping each other through shows when we botched lines or lost our voices, shared in the joy and love as one of us (Laura Pinkston) got engaged (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!), and gave advice to each other even when it wasn’t asked for! Truly we’ve made relationships and not just a good production. I guess every good show must come to end though, so farewell to the Outer Banks. We’ll see y’all at the next show. Thanks for all the support, love, laughter and good times.