It’s been one of those weeks when I am so busy doing theatre that I don’t have time to blog about it! So I asked for some help in getting the word out for the opening of THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB this Friday, Sue Stotz provided me with the following information she wanted to share….

Tired of cold, wet, cloudy days? Then come to see “Dixie Swim Club” set in the steamy month of August in a small cottage on the Outer Banks. We’ll warm you up with five talented ladies from practical Sheree, the team captain, to sexy Lexie, queen of the mating game. Sharp witted Dinah, the smooth talking lawyer, sweet and endearing Jeri Neal, aka Sister Mary Esther, and Vernadette, the wise cracking, long suffering clown, round out the ensemble. Come listen to them share their lives with each other in surprising, funny, and endearing ways including long shared memories to current frustrations. Anyone with enduring friendships will relate to these ladies as they help, care and sometimes irritate each other.
The cast in order of appearance includes: Sue A Stotz–Sheree; Brittany Forster–Lexie; Amanda Burris–Dinah; Laura Pinkston–Jeri Neal; and Karen Langley–Vernadette.
Show dates are this weekend and next so get your reservations in soon!
Check out the pics from some of our rehearsals to get a quick peek. Every time we have come for rehearsal this week, the set decorator has added more stuff. It is always fun trying to pick out what has been added and soon all the final details will be done.
Don’t miss out on this sweet, sometimes humorous, touching and always entertaining show. We hope you will enjoy it as much as the cast does.