Director Randy Brown and his assistant Jan Wilcox are pleased to announce the principle roles for The Wizard of OZ.
Lizzie Comicelli – Dorothy
Jeff BuchananScarecrow
Brant Gibson – Tinman
Tim Bolton – Lion
Candy Brickman – Glinda
Mary Jo Foos – Wicked Witch
Steve Oberst – Wizard of Oz
Scott Havice – Gatekeeper
Michael PJ Foos – Winkie General
The directors would like to thank all of the over 130 people from ages 4 -70 that auditioned. The amount of talent was simply incredible and made chooseing just the right few for the coveted roles very difficult. A full listing of the entire cast will be posted after all roles have been assigned and accepted.
Thank you again for showing up in such great numbers and supporting FCT. See you at the show!

welcome to oz , day 1

What an exciting day at FCT, the wanna be Munchkins arrived in mass as 75, yes I said 75, 6-12 yr olds audition for the chance to begin their trip down the yellow brick road. It was a long crowded afternoon in the FCT lobby but Director Randy and Darla worked their way through each and everyone of the hopefuls. MUCHO big thanks to Bill for his long hours on a hard bench playing piano for all the kids, thanks again a zillion times BILL! Many thanks also must go to Cyndi, Bridget, Scott, Brandon, and Aaron for all the help they gave throughout the day. I just can’t wait for the next 2 days!!

And while Bill played he also mentioned that my blog was seriously out of date, yeah , yeah I know, but as you navigated here you might have noticed that rest of the site has been updated, finally! Many thanks to Tim for cracking the code as it was to get the important changes made, hope you continue to keep coming back to check out the latest on whats happening at FCT!

Check out The Wizard of OZ photo gallery for a few pics from todays auditions.