The official FCT holiday party/wine tasting was held Jan 9. an excellent turnout was only topped off by a fun relaxing evening of wine sipping, theatre story telling and socializing. Thanks to the Browns who supplumented the evening with a giant box of old photos from their attic treasures, many of I will get scanned and posted into some of the many shows we dont currently have any pics of posted online, the phrase of the night has to be “who are all those young people?”

Speaking of pics, see a few casual shots of last nights activities on a new page in the photo gallery section of the site, under social events. I current cant seem to post any here to the blog so I will try to get more in the gallery pages, some publicity shots for The Kitchen Witches are already up, check them out!

And speaking of The Kitchen Witches, rehearsals are progressing very well, this show is going to be very well done.. HAHA get it, well done.. cooking show, LOL anyway, sorry… it is going to be very funny and a joy to watch, put it on your agendas now!