Music and lyrics by John Carlton and Steve Liebman.
Book by Bryan Leys, John Carlton and Steve Liebman.
There is only one more weekend for the 54 TH season opener, the musical farce
October 9,10 and 11.
Hoodwinked is filled with foot stomping production numbers, soaring solos and duets that punctuate this hilarious romp through Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood (Jeff Buchanan of Gibsonburg) and his famous band of merry men come face to face with some very liberated women Grundela and Prith ( Hilary Frater and Brittney Forster both of Fremont). When the Sheriff of Nottingham (Dan Harlan of Fremont) captures Maid Marian (Kelly Fandrey of Bowling Green) for the umpteenth time, the ensuing antics involve such plots and ploys as Friar Tuck’s (T.J. Smith, Gibsonburg) confession concession, dancing bears, a strike by the Nottingham hangman’s local, the proclaiming of a holiday for villains and the liberation of Maid Marian in more ways than one.
The show also features, Tim Bolton, Alex Bigelow, Kayla and Randy Haase, Brandon Wurgess, Brian Knaup, Donielle Yates and Mandy Burris who also serves as Musical Director.
Here is a show where the men are a cross between Benny Hill and Errol Flynn and all the women would rather rescue themselves.
Make your reservations NOW!
Plenty of good seats are still available
for this hilarious musical romp through Sherwood Forest.
You won’t want to miss your opportunity to cheer for the hero,
hiss the villain or groan at the bad puns. This hard working cast brings some of the silliest and zaniest fun to the FCT stage in many a moon.
Mixed with songs presented in a wide variety of styles, there is sure to be a new favorite just waiting for you to leave the theatre humming.
If a carefree night of belly laughs and good fashioned shtick is what you’ve been needing, look no further, Robin Hood, Little John and the rest of the Merry men, along with helpless maidens, dancing bears and
high-jinx galore await you at HOODWINKED!

Presented in a style reminiscent of an old silent film, this playful, whimsical and slightly naughty fable throws all conventional theatrics out the castle window right into the moat. Premiered in Toledo, Ohio 30 years ago, the comic genius of the creative team remains fresh today.
This show could best be described as Men In Tights go to Spamalot, filed with silly songs, corny choreography and more one-line groaners than you can shake an arrow at!

A total cast of 14 and an ever so hard working pianist, Ethan Mandeville round out the production.The show is directed by FCT president Mitchell Antesky of Genoa with assistance from John Carroll of Fremont.

The curtain goes up on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 PM while the Sunday matinee is at 2 PM.
The theatre is located on Vanguard Place just off of Dickinson, north of Cedar Street in Fremont.
Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for seniors and students.

Reservations should be made by calling 419-332-0695.


Director Pete Lowry is pleased to announce the cast for A TUNA CHRISTMAS.

Tim Bolton will play the roles of Thurston Wheelis, Elmer Watkins, Bertha Bumiller, R.R. Snavely, Aunt Pearl Burras, Sheriff Givens, Ike Thompson, Inita Goodwin, Leonard Childers, Phoebe Burhalter and Joe Bob Lipsey while

Michael PJ Foos will portray Arles Struvie, Didi Snavely, Petey Fisk, Jody Bumiller, Charlene Bumiller, Stanely Bumiller, Vera Carp, Dixie Deberry, Helen Bedd, Farly Burkhalter and Garland Poteet.

This hilarious show will challenge the two talented actors to create the many roles required while performing lightning fast costume changes. After just listening in on the first read through tonight, I can assure you it will be a show NOT to miss!


The first weekend of HOODWINKED has come and gone and the show has been very well received. The energy and enthusiasm of the cast has certainly transferred to the audiences. Despite the crowds being average in number they did not disappoint anyone in their reactions to the on stage silliness.

It has been a long and rocky road through Sherwood Forest to get to this point, we took a very laid-back approach to the early rehearsal period and then the usual sicknesses and missed rehearsals set in which lead to being well behind schedule going into tech week. The traditional long day on tech Sunday was almost a record setter with last minute changes to lights, sound, costumes and scene changes. Everyone was working very hard, nerves were stressed and emotions ran high but as it usually does, it somehow all comes together in the end. I was very proud of the show, especially on Sunday.

Maybe this would be a good time to insert a motivational moment…

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

John Quincy Adams

When I read that quote, I thought immediately about the patience of my cast and their commitment to persevere though all the craziness of what comes from learning new music and ever changing blocking issues. Then when all hope seems to be lost, as many of the cast and crew were thinking the magic happens and all the difficulties of the last 8 weeks disappear and the fun starts as their characters finally come to life and the audience laughs and applauds.

This show is different in the fact that it is such a melodrama at times while being mixed with beautiful and touching love songs. In addition to being sprinkled with corny bad puns that evoke loud groans from the audience. Without a doubt, I think it takes awhile for the audience to warm up to exactly how to react to it.




We have one more weekend of three shows; plenty of good seats remain, so call some friends and make a night of it and get to FCT to see the very well performed and severely silly show by a great cast.



With only a cast of 2 men needed, to fill the demanding roles of the 22 residents of Tuna, Texas expectations for a huge turnout for auditions were not needed but always encouraged, everybody loves good competition.

All interested men will still be considered at Monday night auditions.

Come on out and read!