It has been sometime since I brought you a “motivational moment”, guess I haven’t been to motivated! That is very true, I just now am getting over the draining but exhilarating experience of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It was an enormous amount of work but oh so worth every late night and even the 40 plus hours I went without any sleep before the show opened. And yes it’s true, although the show closed weeks ago, I am still working on the set, that’s right , there were a few last minute details I never got finished so, before the whole set is packed up ready for storage,since it has been rented to be used in the spring of 2011 by PCHS , I thought I’d make my job a little easier when I go to put it all back together then but doing just a few more of those crazy bald guy things I love??? to do.
Just a few more ramblings about what has now become to be known affectionately as just “the beast”. It was said at one point that we wanted to challenge ourselves to do a show that many thought was way too difficult if not impossible to pull off.
We challenged ourselves with taking the big plunge into renting the majority of the costumes at a higher cost than we have in the past been comfortable spending, it worked! they were beautiful beyond words and well worth every penny.
We challenged ourselves then to make a set that was as beautiful to compare to the rented costumes that were professionally designed and built, it worked.
We challenged ourselves to find the best in local talent that would fit perfectly into the familiar roles, it worked!
The entire team challenged themselves to go above and beyond the normal expected production values to make it the most amazing and spectacular show ever to be done on the FCt stage, it worked!
The show was the biggest success to date in the history of FCT, adult or teen production, both critically and from what we can tell at this point, financially.
What can we learn from this experience, we need to always challenge ourselves to maybe think out of the normal comfort zone, think “outside of the box” think, bigger, better and then some!
So that brings me back to my “motivational moment” for today..
“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”- Lao-tzu
How does this relate to our lives in the theatre? Just drop by any HOODWINKED rehearsal! We have challenged ourselves to do this show that none of us has ever heard the music from. We are discovering a real gem, the styles are varied and range from funny funny to beautiful, the challenge comes in a variety of tempos, and unusual rhythms, but the cast is pulling together and working very hard to learn and perfect them, we have a long way to go, or a thousand miles, but we have proudly and boldly taken that first step.
More exciting updates to come!
and now…On With The Show!