We had a really good turn out for tech on Saturday, about a dozen enthusiastic regulars and some teens from the show, that want to help get this show up and going. Work on the village houses continued, more walls were raised, shutters hung, roofs installed (Randy and Joe don’t have anything on Laurel and Hardy) , and after much debate and brain power had been used the center platform, the heart of the beast’s castle is taking shape (Hank and Tim). There are so many factors that go into designing this set since it has so many functions and special effects, I wish I could describe a few of them, but I want everybody to have the same chance for that WOW factor come July 16, besides if I wrote about them all, I wouldn’t have any time to get them all built! We still have 6 more Saturdays to get it done, I feel good about that. Thanks to John for coming out on Friday night and putting in a few hours, every little bit helps. When I get to the theatre later I will snap some pics of the progress and get them posted here for more sneak peeks at what is going to be an amazing show!
Thanks to Sue for finding me 2 more of the pewter mugs I’ve been looking for, I never did ask where or how she got them, but the count goes up by 2 so is that 18 now? Getting close, Randy hasn’t given me the exact number needed yet so we will keep looking.
With the Veranda Series Concert at the Hayes Center less than 2 weeks away, Rodgers’ and Hammerstein has pulled the rights to perform Cinderella. This of course was a great disappointment to the cast that had looked forward to performing and throws quite the proverbial monkey wrench in the plans for the day. So at this point it looks like Disney will allow us 20 minutes of Beauty and the Beast, the remainder of the hour is going to be a Broadway review. Some major scrambling is going to have to be done to get it rehearsed and all pulled together in such a short time, but I have the faith that where there’s a will there’s a way.
With the ever increasing complexity of securing the rights to these musicals each year the days of showcasing the spring musical each June are getting limited. There are tons of public domain music that is available and that is perfect for the typical age group and really anyone, that we so often perform for so this might be the way to go in the future. Sounds like another fun project to work on for all types of entertainment venues that we can perform at. If you have any ideas or want to be a part of it all, contact me.
…and now, On With the Show !


Here’s a challenge I thought I might be able to get some help with. On my prop list for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast are 20+ish of these medieval looking pewter/metal steins/mugs.
I have 14 so far so a few more would round out the scene. So it’s time to search to the back of the top shelf of odd ball items that you never use anymore to see if you might have one or more of these once semi popular items. Maybe a guy got one as a thoughtful but tacky gift for being in a wedding, maybe it was some gag gift for a drinking contest you don’t even remember winning, or maybe Martha Stewart proclaimed that home-made beer tasted great in them when fresh of the freezer.. she was sooo wrong!
I like the 2 on the right, they are heavier and “clang” better but even the thinner one on the left has a decent ring to it when clanged against each other. I would prefer these be a donated item since they will take quite a bit of abuse during the intense choreography that is planned for the big tavern scene and I’m sure they will get more than a few dents, nicks and dings in them. Sure these are readily available on Ebay but to the tune of about $10 each..ouch, remember we have a big costume budget to pay off first before I can buy expensive props, so If you find one or wander to the neighbors garage sale and see a perfect example there, please secure it for me and let me know, I’ll be happy to pick it up within a reasonable distance or you can always drop it off at FCT most evenings after 7 or on Saturdays after 10 AM.
…and now, On With the Show !


I’ll blame the holiday and a brain going in many different directions for the tardiness of this weeks words of wisdom.
Great hopes make everything great possible.
Benjamin Franklin
I thought this was still fitting with so many ideas working and the energy around the theatre preparing for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
I was upstairs tonight as vocal rehearsals were held in the lobby, and they sound good even this early in the process.
I think we have a pretty good handle on what the set is going to do and look like. It will be like nothing we have ever done before, full of surprises and beautiful yet beastly too!
Work is in progress on the patron program, the costume sponsorships and the new parents ads for the program. Support for this special production is available in many different levels of contribution, from $10 to …well, just about whatever you would be able to give.
…and now, On With the Show !