With just a week to go before the opening night for Cinderella, the cast is getting closer and closer to the polished final performance they’re going to take to the awaiting crowds. They are in fine voice and the dancing is being perfected at each run through. ( check out the rehearsal pics in the galleries. Fremont Community Theatre :: Photo Galleries ) However, there is a list as long as all the lights on Broadway put end to end, of tech things that need to happen yet. I’m sure we will be there on and off most of the weekend and as usual at 10 on Saturday morning, some of the crew will be cleaning others painting , papering and working on all kinds of last minute details.
PRESS DRESS HAS BEEN MOVED FOR THIS SHOW ONLY TO MONDAY@ 7:30. Even if your planning on attending a regular performance drop by Monday and give the hard working cast some support, I know they’d love to hear some laughs and get some well deserved applause.
Last Saturday at the annual meeting and election dinner the following members were chosen to serve on the 2009-2010 board of trustees
Mitchell Antesky – president
Judy Smith – vice president
Scott Havice – treasurer
Tim Bolton – secretary
Randy Brown, Sue Stotz , Claire Zimmerman – trustees join returning members Pete Lowry and Kathy VanWey
As I enter my second term as president I am very thrilled to be working again with such a great group of people. I am convinced that this year will be even better than the last and FCT is continuing to grow strong, we just need all the help we can get from more of the “less active” members, just the smallest increase in participation would be greatly appreciated~!
We FINALLY have the rights to all of the 2009-2010 shows so watch the site for all the cast and audition info coming this next week!
…and now, On With the Show !

Susan Boyle-mania

Only if you’ve been living under a rock for the last week is how you could have avoided hearing about or seeing Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent, but if you haven’t, well, here’s the YouTube sensation.
Now everyone from Oprah, Larry King, Ashton Kutcher , Patti Lapone and the American morning news shows have mentioned her and the amazing reaction she got from Simon Cowell as a judge of the show, and the rest of the nearly ( as I write this) 23 million viewers who have watched her performance.
Sure, I love Les Miserables, it’s one of my top three all time favorite musicals, I think I’ve seen it on Broadway and touring about a half a dozen times or so. and the song, I Dreamed A Dream is a musical masterpiece able to evoke tears from myself and many others, but Susan’s performance is… just unbelievable!!
I think the comments written on the numerous related YouTube postings are another of the true amazing story’s here. The countless number of people that have said her voice made them cry. I can admit it, I sure did, and I have over and over again.. how can that be? what is it that can make literally millions of people who don’t know this woman from Adam sob at the sound of her voice, something to think about now ain’t it?? Please take some time to scroll through some of the comments, you wont be able to read them all , last time i looked there were over 182,000 in just a few days.
In short, her amazing theatrical performance aside I think the greater story to be told and lesson learned from this is how my faith in mankind is somewhat renewed by the fact that so many of us do now realize that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, and many .. if not all of us are guilty of doing that exact thing when we see someone and they make their first impression on us. let’s hope we continue to remember that as we go on through life long after we have a whole stack of Susan’s CD’s sitting on our shelves.
…and now, On With the Show !