Although I should have gotten this post up earlier and helped do my share to promote my latest project, well that just didn’t happen so now I can only share the experience and some pictures.
Over the last 2 months I have been designing and building the Oak Harbor High School Thespian’s production of HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING.
The original concept started about a year ago when the show was first being discussed to be done, the look was for high style art deco buildings, interiors and exteriors, lots of fine details, muted colors, a huge window over looking NYC and so on. Well.. then came the winter of 09, canceled work sessions pushed the deadlines farther and farther back, then when the original back drop that was to be rented wasn’t available we opted for a stylized abstract version of the city, bright yellow with geometric shapes and funky colors, that kind of through a twist on the original plans and so we regrouped and went into a funky 60’s look with a “LAUGH-IN wall” inspired colors and shapes. Boy, sometimes plan B can really work out well too.
This first pic shows FCTT alumni Christian B and Rob B on the color block painted floor with a few of the rolling doors and the drop.
the cast of 33 gather around rolling desks.
one of the highlights of the set was this 24 foot long rolling banks of working elevator doors, this unit folded up flat for back stage storage, 4 operators were required to make them open and close on demand. The fun color blocks everywhere just were intended to add whimsey and fun to the set.
Another FCTT alum, Chelsea L, show off her “Paris original” here and then along with 22 other of her secretary friends.
Rob B again hears music as he sings of “Rosemary”
One of my personal favorite scenes was this ” executive washroom”, always trying to be cheap and recycle or reuse something for something else, the “light bulbs” on the mirror frames were half of a plastic Easter egg, and the chrome ” faucets” were just some type of plumbing hanging devise I found at Lowe’s and painted silver and then had Pete mount them on the counter, seriously from that 50 foot rule, they were very believable.
the show ended up being a lot of fun to work on and see, the kids had a good time and pulled it off respectfully, Sundays show in particular was filled with a few unexpected surprises :-)
…and now, On With the Show !


With LEADING LADIES opening this Friday, March 20, I thought I’d tease you a bit with a few shots taken at Sundays double tech. Sure the set still has a few more finishing touches to happen, as do a costume or two, but it’s a funny show and, as always, will be fine by opening night.

Brittney and Cyndi strike a pose!

Randy gets a laugh with Brittney

Randy and Bob thicken the plot

Randy and Bob AKA Maxine

I’m trying out something a little different tonight as I am actually still at the theatre, I know, sometimes I’m accused of ALWAYS being at the theatre but I have never blogged from here before. It’s been a long day on the end of a long weekend of many happenings here.

Guess this is also the time I could also point out 2 new/old faces up here in the lighting booth with me.. Welcome back to Linda and Michael B, it’s been a long 13 years since they have helped out here with a show, it is just sooo good to see them at least a little active again, sure, Linda isn’t ready to lay down her woodcarving tools, her beads, her paints or abondon their garden just yet and Michael is reported to have 1 zit already so we don’t expect them to jump in with both feet, but it is just nice to see them again and we so thank them for their work on the lights and sound for LL.

and now…On with the SHOW!