Happy new year?

Whew.. How can it be that almost 2 months has gone by since I last posted to the blog here?… It was never my intent to post so sporadically but it works out odd, when I have so many things to talk about at the theatre, I don’t have time or the energy to write and when I do have time, it’s because not much has been going on.. that said , here I am on the verge of the final week of rehearsal and the upcoming opening of FUNNY VALENTINES. So I have some time to make up for, with a slightly lighter schedule from now on I hope I can bring everybody up to speed.
Today was the traditional Tech Sunday, the first run went pretty good.. until that dreaded last scene, now I have to laugh because it was one of those classic moments when nearly everyone of took our turns at moments of memory lapses. We regrouped a few times, tried to work out some troublesome blocking issues that have been plaguing us for weeks, and persevered to the end of the show. Some dinner in our bellies might have been all we needed, the second run went MUCH better, no fears, we will be ready for the crowd on Friday, not wanting to peak too soon !!!
My week should be a little easier, the set is 98% done, just a few more final touches, I really like this set, its the kind that I can just keep adding to, the stage directions call for a ” grandmas attic ” so I head to my barn and just start hauling stuff to the theatre, if anybody knows about creating a cluttered “lived in ” look, with all my collections of goodies, it should be me.. be sure to check it out starting Friday!
Saturday was an amazing day at FCT, with painters painting, wallpaper going up, lights being set and the cleaning crew in there doing their thing, it was a fun day.. long but fun! Lunch was provided by Judy and some other goodies, I’m not even sure where it all came from but it was good and well appreciated, thank you one and all!
If there was one low point it had to be the untimely meeting of the new cordless driver and Pete’s thumb!! I learned that Hitachi makes really sharp bits and can that Pete can really bleed!! A very quick trip to the ER brought him back to the theatre with 2 stitches, a brace and a tetanus shot. Sorry about that Pete, guess I should have been helping hold that railing. Good thing your timing was near the end of the day, LOL you do a great job and I am always glad to have your enthusiastic help, keep that thumb on the mend!
As for comic relief of the day.. ask PJ about how NOT to move a ladder with a bucket of paint on top of it! More good timing on the part of the FCT techies since that large section of the stage floor had not been painted, the ladder was due for some cosmetic maintance and I guess from eyewitness accounts I got my much needed daily aerobic workout trying to escape the “White Niagara Effect”.. never a dull moment!
I know I have promised before to be more faithful on keeping my posts up to date so we will attempt again to keep you informed on all FCT and theatre event and happenings, a little sneak preview of upcoming topics.. the cast for LEADING LADIES announced, pics from press dress, an interview I held with a Theatre League staff member, some production reviews and whatever else I can pull out of this crazy bald head.
…and now, On With the Show !