busy busy busy

Wow, how has more than a month gone by since I last posted? One of the bad things about trying to keep up with this blog is, when I have time, it’s because not much is happening, when I have been as busy as can be with all kinds of good things to share, I’m too busy or tired to write, so we have some catching up to do!
But that’s not going to happen tonight either, because I am very tired, but I did come home from tech Sunday and have posted some fuzzy but better than nothing shots from Sundays rehearsal, go to the galleries, click on the 2008-2009 file and from there you’ll see the It’s A Wonderful Life: a live radio play pics.
Then make your reservations to see this unique and very well done show starting Friday the 5th.
well sorry to make this so short, but it is late and believe it or not I do still have some work to do on the set and around the theatre before opening so , I will write more this week and get some more pics up too
…and now, On With the Show !