Really Very Scary Party

Almost Halloween!, we had our annual FCT party tonight, it was a lot of fun, most everybody came in costume, good food was everywhere, we laughed, told ghost stories in the dark, debated the existence of ghosts and the supernatural.. and hardly talked about anybody … LOL!!!
Our meeting brought a lively discussion on the current state of the economy and how it is effecting the audience at all local theatres. Many ideas were also tossed about as to our participation in the Nov. 29 Christmas parade.
Here’s a few pictures of the ghost theme costumes and party games!
the headless horseman (Bobbe) and a horeseless headman, Hank (scariest)

ghost of a chance, Tim

voted prettiest, Claire

“I just saw this in a window!” winner most original, Judy
holy ghost? bob also one the ghost story contest!
ghost runner (Tina) and Holy ghost (Bob)
good friends, good food, good company
RONS DOWN! no need to worry, all fun and games!
Is Randy trying to grow hair on PJ?
mind over matter… with just a few fingertips they did get PJ off the chair!

...and now, On With the Show !


I’d like to say I have been taking a nice week off to rest and relax after the wonderful but very tiring run of SOMETHING’S AFOOT, but I have been sidetracked from the blog by the first set construction day for IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, we got almost two thrids of it finished in one day, way to go Tim, Hank and PJ.
Then, crazy bald guy that I am, also have started working on the OHHS Thespians production of BUT WHY BUMP OFF BARNABY? It opens in mid November, another big old house/lodge with a bunch of crazy characters disappearing during a series of thunder/lightning/blackouts.. gee where have I heard that before?
So a few hectic weeks are ahead of me, but I will try to keep up on my blogging.
Before I can get carried away with new projects I still have quite a few more people to publicly acknowledge for their great contributions to SOMETHING’S AFOOT…
Laura P, although it seems very comfortable to surround myself with old friends doing a show, you were a fresh new face that brought a ton of energy and enthusiasm to the role of Lettie, and I sure was glad that you were just the right size to fit in the vase I already had, I hope to see you back at FCT again soon!
Jeff B, what a crazy start we had to get off too huh? I am so glad you recovered fast enough to give Flint 100%, it was great welcoming you back to the FCT stage, you have been gone way too long and I hope you are featured again soon!
Erin O, I know I took a chance casting you, in a role many years your senior, and it was one that I am sure raised a few eyebrows, but I like to go with my gut feelings in cases like this and I knew all along that you would make a wonderful Miss Tweed. You are such a joy to watch and listen to on stage, you brought a fresh new energetic twist to Tweed and sang every note in your beautiful style, each night as I lay dead on the steps and listened to sing over me and yes, even occasionally stepping on me, I held back a big smile. Thanks for letting me twist your arm to even audition, I sure hope you had a good time!
Ryan B, it doesn’t seem possible that we got through those first few frantic hours..or was it days of phone calls and texts trying to figure out who was who and what was what. Talk about needing a score card to tell the players, but finally it all worked out and your arm is still in the socket! I know I threw a lot of direction, dance steps and responsibility at you but you handled it all like a pro and I am very grateful. Thanks for that fabulous voice and the teen energy to survive “I Owe It All” and then steal the scene with you and that incredible portrait.
Kayla H, from the minute you “popped” on stage the first time, you had the unique character of Hope down cold, such a great voice and stage presence it was a blessing that it took you so long to die! You always look beautiful and bring such a glowing light all around you every minute your on stage!
That’s it for my great cast, but I can’t forget….
Joe K, although it wasn’t in the plan for you to be music director, conductor and pianist , it all worked out fine and like so many others said, we don’t think you’ve ever played better! Thanks for so many countless hours and the devotion to help out when I really needed it, I hope you know how much it meant to me, thanks a zillion!
John C, from stage manager to AD in the blink of an eye, I hope I didn’t drive you too crazy, you are amazing. Although I know sometimes I doubt you, watching you move from one death machine to the next, you never missed a beat…. well we do have those flash pots! It’s always a challenge but a pleasure to have you working on any show I direct, and I do hope we will do more someday.
Sue S, as I wrote to you before, “super swimming costumes” what a great job you did, seeing my visions, adding your touches and working on or should I say UNDER an amazing budget, then there are the nights in the pouffe, what a trooper. It’s been a bumpy road here and there but I can’t thank you enough for taking the journey with me.
Jim G, you boy genius you, what a beautiful job as usual you did lighting Rancour’s retreat, of course you know I would have loved for you to have even more time to help the cause but I understand, there is that thing some people have called a life outside of the theatre!
Cheryl B and Cody, where we would have been without you 2 in that booth? In the very quiet darkness I think! Thanks
To Cyrus, Delilah, Mary Jo, Donna, Hank, Judy and I’m sure there are others that I should point out as helping the cause, thanks so much, it’s never a “one man show” and I of course just could not have done it without any of you!