2006-2007 Laurel Awards

The 2006-2007 FCT Laurel Awards took place on June 30th at the Fremont Elks Lodge. Laurel and Hardy awards were handed out by the directors for each shows outstanding contributors. The annual Stanley Award and special awards were also handed out.

The Ladies of Harmony – directed by Michael PJ Foos

Laurels: Martha Mead, Judy Smith, Karen Langley

Hardy: Ron Hill

Meet Me In St. Louis – directed by Elizabeth Stetzel

Laurels: Mitchell Antesky, Mary Jo Foos, Christine Hegemier, Tim Bolton, Linda Bell, Alison Martin, Joe Kaiser

Hardys: Rob Sheid, Freda Hegemier, Mindie Ottney, Ted Ball, Kathy VanWey

Drop Dead! – directed by Tim Bolton

Laurels: Sue Stotz, Lynne Wagner, Charles Hayward

Hardys: Elizabeth Stetzel, Bob Willer, Stephen Hayward

Belles – directed by Mitchell Antesky

Laurels: Elizabeth Stetzel, Rob Sheid, Jim Gruss

Hardys: Donna Wollenslegel, John Carroll

West Side Story – directed by Randy Brown

Laurels: Hank Povolny, Michael PJ Foos, Linda Bell, Lauren Meyer, Stephen Hayward, Joe Bibler, Matt Gillett, Donielle Yates, Laine Seliga

Hardys: Tim Bolton, Erin O’Donnell

2007 Stanley Award Winner Mitchell Antesky


The Show Must Go On Awards: Martha Mead, Mary Jo Foos, Heather Langley, Alison Martin, Sue Stotz, Valorie Juergens, Linda Bell

Nine years of board service: Daleen Askins.

Outgoing Board Members: Sue Stotz, Cyndi Hineline, Lynne Wagner

Outstanding Business: Consolite Corporation

Outstanding New Member: Jim Gruss

Outstanding Orchestra Member: Valorie Juergens

Stanley Award: Mitchell Antesky