OCTA update! First time director Mindie Ottney would like to  say THANK YOU to the incredible cast and crew of Out of Sterno. We received merit awards for ensemble acting and direction, excellence awards for costumes, Delilah Foos an excellence in acting award, and Mitch Antesky an outstanding for set…and the alternate state invitee,  It has been an unbelievably wonderful experience! Couldn’t have done it without ALL of you:-)

FCT earns “silver medal” at state OCTA festival

The cast and crew of Leaving Iowa

The cast and crew of Leaving Iowa

Okay, it’s not actually a medal, but it is just one down from top honors – our excerpt of the Tim Clue/Spike Manton play “Leaving Iowa” garnered four “Excellence” awards and one Merit award at the annual Ohio Community Theatre Association (OCTA) state conference on Labor Day weekend. The entire cast and crew shares an Excellence in Ensemble award, and director Michael PJ Foos earned an Excellence in Directing award. Hilary Frater earned Excellence in Acting, as well as sharing a Merit in Comedic Moment award with Cyndi Hineline for their “hissy fit” scene. Mitch Antesky’s work behind the scenes paid off with an award for Excellence in Props and Set Design.

Kudos to everyone who worked so hard to bring this slice of last season to the state OCTAfest, where we performed with some of the best amateur theatre companies in Ohio!

2010-2011 Laurel Awards

The 2010-2011 FCT Laurel Awards ceremony took place on June 18th at the Fremont Federation of Women home. Taking the top honor, the coveted Stanley Award, was FCT President Tim Bolton!

Thoroughly Modern Millie – (Teen Theatre) directed by Dan Henning

Laurels: Trent Smith, Kendra Keegan, Emily Turner, Nathan Wright, Brandon Wurgess, Josh Heard, and Amanda Hefflinger

Hardys: Ember Ollum, Jessica Holland, Corey Wise, Lizzie Cornicelli

Bingo, the winning musical – directed by Mitch Antesky

Laurels: Linda Rich, Amanda Burris, Hilary Frater

Hardys: /Bob Ammanniti, Cyndi, Hineline, Kendra Keegan

A Christmas Story – directed by Tim Bolton

Laurels: Jeff and Laura Buchanan, Mike Fraley, Scott Havice, and Mary Jo Foos

Hardys: Jeff Buchanan, Laura Buchanan, Diego Lopez

Leaving Iowa – directed by Michael PJ Foos

Laurels: Sue Stotz, Linda Bower, Jason Kramer

The Amorous Ambassador – directed by Pete Lowry

Laurels: Hank Povolny, Kendra Keegan, Bob Ammanniti Tim Bolton

Hardys: Bob Willer, Claire Zimmerman

The Sound of Music – directed by Randy Brown

Laurels: Candi Barickman, Tim Bolton, Mary Jo Foos, Darla Brown, Mindie Ottney, Sue Stotz, Hank Povolny

Hardys: Jeff Buchanan, Amanda Burris

Outstanding Business: JoAnn Fabrics

Outstanding New Member: Kendra Keegan

Outstanding Orchestra Member: Stephanie Opfer and Linda Bell

Other awards

2011 Stanley Award Winner Tim Bolton

2011 Stanley Award Winner Tim Bolton

Bridget Smith, Hilary Frater, and Scott Havice were recognized for their work on FCT’s first annual Youth Theatre Camp.

Outgoing Board Members Mitch Antesky, Scott Havice, and Randy Brown were recognized for their service.

Stanley Award: Tim Bolton

Audience Choice Awards

Thoroughly Modern Millie: Kirsten Eichert

Bingo: Hilary Frater

A Christmas Story: Diego Lopez

Leaving Iowa: Hilary Frater

The Amorous Ambassador: Donielle Yates

The Sound of Music: Taylor Adams

Anita Awards

Throughout the evening we were also treated to several awards in a variety of interesting “you had to be there” categories, as well as some potential new FCT slogans from Messrs. Foos, Havice, and Antesky. The “winners”:

Bob Willer…special fx in costuming, or Anita bigger flag pole to fly my stars and stripes

Donna Wollenslegel…special fx in prop handling: food, or Anita bigger punch bowl

Pete Lowry…special achievement in dedication, service, and commitment to FCT, or Anita break from planning the Laurels, so I’ll get a new knee

Mary Jo Foos…special achievement in design, construction, and repair, or Anita bigger eraser to balance these box office records